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A.W.H College of Education
A W H College of Education is a premier institution for Teacher Education in Malabar run by A W H (Association for Welfare of the Handicapped) a charitable society registered under Societies Act. With Reg. No.26 of 1975.

The mission of the Association for Welfare of the Handicapped (AWH), is facilitating rehabilitation of differently abled people and welfare of women in distress and children.

The A W H has been running many educational institutions from primary schools to diploma, degree and post graduate level colleges and Technical institutions . It also runs many projects for the benefit of disabled, women, children and destitute. As of now the AWH runs about 33 institutions and projects in Calicut, Malappuram, Kannur and Kasargod Districts.
The AWH College of Education was established in 1996. B. Ed. Special Education (Hearing Impaired) Course which is only one of its kind in the whole Kerala state started in the year 1996-97as per order No. 28644/B3/95/Edu. Dt. 22-12-95 and provisional affiliation was granted as per order No. GAI/D1/8792/95 dt, 30/1/96 of the University of Calicut. The RCI, New Delhi granted recognition in the academic year 1996-97for the course as per their order No- 8-45/92 R.C1/3031 dt. 27/8/96 and continued to accord permanent recognition. As per the order No. 8-45/B Ed. SPl. Ed. (HI)/92/RCI/3638 dt. 30/6/15, the RCI has increased the total intake of the course from 25 to 30 inclusive of 3 foreign students. Out of the 27 seats 14 seats are being filled by university of Calicut on merit basis.

The Govt. of Kerala accorded sanction to start General B. Ed. with Commerce option during 2001-2002 as per Govt. order G.O. (MS) No. 39/200/Edu. Dt. 27-3-2001 and the University of Calicut granted provisional affiliation to B. Ed. (Commerce) as per order No. GA.1/3/8407/99 (i) dt. 26/4/01.

In the year 2002-03, 100 seats were sanctioned by the NCTE and the University of Calicut granted affiliation for four optional ie. , Commerce, Social Science, Natural Science and Mathematics as per order No;. GA/D3/2102/01 dt. 16/8/2002. The NCTE granted recognition of the course as per the order No. FKL/SE/COM/N/10/SRO/NCTE/2002/03/2313 dt. 9/8/2002.

The Govt. of Kerala granted NOC for starting M. Ed. in this college as per GO.(MS) No. 111/2004/Edu. Dt.31/8/2004.

The NCTE also accorded recognition to M. Ed. course as per order No. FK1/M. Ed./SRO/NCTE/2006-07/7828 DT. 22/9/06 with an intake of 25 students and the SRC ordered to continue recognition of this college for M. Ed. Course as per their latest letter No. FSRO/NCTE/2009/10/15582 dt. 8/9/2009.

The Govt. of Kerala issued administrative sanction for renewal of NOC for starting M. Ed. for the year 2010-11 as per GO. (Rt) 1615/2010/HE dn. dt. 12/8/2010 and renewed the NOC as per GO (MS) No. 285/2010/HE dn. Dt. 8/9/2010. The NCTE accorded sanction for enhancement of seats from 25 to 35 for M. Ed. course w.e.f. the session 2010-11 as per their order No. FSRO/2010-11/20784 dt. 27/8/2010.

The University of Calicut accorded sanction for permanent increase of seats from 18 to 35 students for M. Ed. course w.e.f. the academic year 2010-11 as per order No. GA.1/D 3/1945/05 dt. 28/1/2012. The University of Calicut sanctioned continuation of provisional affiliation to M. Ed. course for the academic year 2011-12 with an intake of 35 students.

The University of Calicut granted provisional affiliation to start M. Ed. during 2010-11 with permission to start the class during 2011-12 with intake of 18 students and the syndicate ratified the action as per order No. GA-1/D3/1945/2005 dt. 4/3/2011. Further the duration of B. Ed. and M. Ed. courses have been increased to 2 years with student strength of 50 each for both courses from the year 2015-2016.

Teacher Training Centre (TTC) was started in the college as per order No. No. FKL/ELE/N/149/SRO/NCTE/2004-2005/266 Dt. 11/3/2005 of National Council of Education and recognized as per the order No. GO (MS) No. 94/2006/G. dn. dt. 21-3-2006 by Govt. of Kerala during the academic year 2005-06.

The TTC course has been renamed as D Ed(Diploma in Education) by the Govt. from the academic year 2013-14.
The college was given accredited status by the Rehabilitation council of India as "very good" for 5 years from 2008-09 onwards as per letter No. 7-13 (AAc) 2008- RCI/1395 dt. 21/4/2009 of the RCI.

The Social Sceince Club prepared 2 documentary films about Kallai River and Beypore Port, viz. "Puzha Parayan Marannathu" and "Oru Thuramughathinte Khadha" by the B. Ed. students of 2007-08 batch during that year.

A book named “Charitha Theerathe Kalppadukal” was published by the Social Science batch of 2008-09
Aims and Objectives
The college aims at giving quality Education to the Educators who are expected to mould children with the same vision. In addition to the routine curricular programme prescribed by the University the College aims at providing various opportunities and exposure to bring out and develop optimum professional competency.
The college has produced 100% pass in the University Exam. of B. Ed. General for the ;year 2008-09, 99 % for 2009-10 , 96% for 2010-11, 98 % for 2011-12, 96.15 % for 2012-13, 95.95 % for 2013-14.

And 100% pass in B. Ed. Special Education (Hearing I:mpaired) for the year 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2010-11 and 94% for 2009-10, 96 % for 2011-12 and 2012-13,.88 % for 2013-14. M. Ed. result of First batch (2011-12) 100 %.,. 97.05 % for 2012-13, , for 2013-14, 74.28 %..

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